UNA Finite Element Analysis Program


To download the program and user manual, please click here:  una72.zip . To install and run the program:

1.     Download Una72.zip

2.     Unpack files to new folder on hard disk, i.e. C:\UNA

3.     Follow instructions written in the README file


UNA is a finite element program for static and dynamic structural analysis. The program is capable of performing the following tasks on large FE models:


        Static Analysis

        Modal Analysis

        Elastic Buckling


        Transient Response

        Frequency Response

        Random Vibrations

        Aeroelastic Response


The UNA software is used for analysis of metal, non-metal and multilayered composite structures. The following is a brief summary of the program capabilities:

Element Library:

Rod, Bar, Beam, Membrane, Plates and Shells (TRIA and QUAD), Shear, Solids, Spring, Mass, Damper, Aerodynamic Strip, Super Element.


Static and dynamic grid forces and moments, Static and dynamic pressure and distributed loads, Inertia and Rotational loads, Thermal loads, Frequency response dynamic excitation, Random response power spectral density, Aerodynamic gust load.


Isotropic, Orthotropic, Multilayered Composites.

Coordinate Systems:

Basic system. Local systems - Rectangular, Cylindrical, Spherical.

Analysis Output:

Displacement, velocity, acceleration, reactions, stresses, internal loads, grid point force balance static, dynamic, complex frequency response, power spectral density, root mean square values.  Eigenvalues frequencies and buckling multipliers, modal shapes. Various stress values normal, shear, von-Misses, principal stresses. Composite material failure criterions for tape and fabric:  max stress or strain, quadratic stress or strain, Hashin stress or strain, Tsai-Hill.

Numerical Procedures:

Sparse linear matrix solver. Sparse Lancos eigenvalue solver. Optimal grid sorting. Automatic elimination of local singularities. Weight, inertia and center of gravity calculation.

Pre/Post Processing:

Interface with FEMAP, PATRAN, I-DEAS, NASTRAN. Converts FEM models created by FEMAP, PATRAN, I-DEAS to the standard UNA input file. FEM output is written in standard UNA output format, plus in FEMAP, PATRAN and I-DEAS formats for further visualization.

Hardware Requirements:

PC with Windows XP/7/8


To download the program and user manual, please click here:  una72.zip. For inquires send email to: info@una-fem.com